How Mobile Spy Software Works

The cell phone spy product offered by Mobile Spy is one of the leaders in the industry. It is no surprise because the product is backed by the company Retina-X Studios that has been in the business of spy software for both smart devices and desktop/laptop computers since the beginning.

The Basics of Mobile Spy

How Mobile Spy WorksThe Mobile Spy cell phone tracking system is very similar to others in its class and consists of four major components:

  1. Spy app that runs silently on the smartphone to be monitored
  2. The internet for transmitting logs
  3. Mobile Spy servers for receiving the transmitted logs
  4. Subscriber control panel for viewing the information transmitted

The spy app that is downloaded and installed on the cell phone being monitored is the initiator of the data flow that defines the Mobile Spy cell phone tracking system.

As mentioned in the list, it runs completely stealth on the smartphone being tracked. While it runs, it collects all logs pertaining to calls, SMS and email messages, GPS location history, instant messenger (IM) texts, photos and videos taken on the device, and more.

The data collected is sent across the internet to the Mobile Spy servers where it is organized and stored so that you can later view it through a control panel accessible from any web browser.

The Features

To add to just what the Mobile Spy cell phone app does while it runs silently on the tracked smartphone, one must look at the features. Some of the main features of the Mobile Spy cell phone app include:

  • Call history logging of incoming/outgoing calls
  • Tracking of text messages both sent and received (SMS, email, and instant messengers (IM))
  • Silent recording of the monitored device’s GPS location
  • Listening to surrounding sounds
  • Taking a stealth photo
  • Recording live calls
  • Viewing photos and videos taken on the monitored device

There are more features as well with the Mobile Spy cell phone tracker. The features work together to give a complete picture as to the activities of the person carrying the monitored smartphone.

Getting Up and Running with Mobile Spy

To get up and running with the Mobile Spy app you need to only do the following:

  1. Choose the subscription option that you would like
  2. Confirm that the smartphone to monitor is compatible
  3. Purchase a subscription
  4. Download the app and install it
  5. View sent information through your subscriber control panel

Each of the above steps is elaborated on further below.

1. Making the Subscription Choice

You can purchase a subscription to the Mobile Spy cell phone tracker for a subscription period of 3, 6, or 12 months for the low prices of $49.97, $69.97, and $99.97 respectively. What makes these low prices even better is that Mobile Spy offers a 7-day free trial so that you can experience their product risk-free before making a purchase decision.

2. Smartphone Compatibility for Mobile Spy

Concurrent with choosing a subscription, you must make sure that the smartphone that you will be monitoring is compatible with the current version of Mobile Spy being offered. Mobile Spy can be purchased for smartphones running Android, iOS (iPhone), BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian operating systems.

If you have any questions as to your smartphone’s compatibility, Mobile Spy has a very helpful page for this where it shows the image of all smartphones it is compatible with. You can always submit a question to customer support as well.

3. Making the Purchase

Once you have verified compatibility and decided on the subscription that fits your needs, it is time to make the purchase. All you need to do is go to the Mobile Spy purchase page and submit your billing information.

When your billing information clears, you will be sent an email with all of the specifics for login id and app downloading.

4. Installing the Mobile Spy App

It is important to note that you will need to get physical control of the smartphone that you will be monitoring before installing the app. Makers of cell phone spy software do not offer remote installation.

Also keep in mind that an iPhone needs to be jailbroken and an Android device needs to be rooted allowing installation of software from unknown sources.

What remains is to go to the link specified in the email sent you by Mobile Spy and follow the instructions for downloading and installing the app. All documentation to help you with the installation is located on the Mobile Spy website should you need it.

5. Going to the Control Panel

Now that the Mobile Spy cell phone tracking app is installed and configured, it immediately begins sending all of the logs from the monitored smartphone to your control panel area. All you need to do is sign on and access your control panel from any web browser and view the information coming in.

This video will go through the process of using Mobile Spy to spy on a cell phone.

At this point you should have a thorough knowledge about the workings of the Mobile Spy cell phone spy. Don’t ignore this innovative system that can help you as a parent, employer, or spouse suspicious that your partner is cheating help you get to the truth as to the activities of those you care about or are responsible for.