Mobile Spy for iPhone

How Mobile Spy for iPhone Works to Provide the Ultimate in Cell Phone Tracking

mobile spy for iphoneApple’s iPhone still remains the leader in smartphone technology because of its popularity. You can also get Mobile Spy for it and take advantage of the first cell phone spying and tracking software available for this platform.

Now you can leverage all information that is resident on the iPhone that you want to track. Typically, parents want to know what is happening with their teenagers outside of the house and supervisors want to know that the iPhones that they issue their employees are not being used for non-business purposes.

Plus, with the optional LIVE Control Panel available for the iPhone platform, you get instant access and control of the target phone.

The Major Players

The major players involved in providing a total cell phone tracking solution for your iPhone are:

  • Mobile Spy server
  • You, the administrator
  • The target phone
  • Communications network provider; the internet

The server stores all of the information received from the target phone for easy access by you the administrator. The server also allows you access through a control panel so that you can easily view each class of information from the target phone, view real time data, or issue commands to the mobile device that you are tracking.

Added Capability with LIVE Control Panel

Mobile Spy for iPhone gives you access to the default control panel however there is an option you can purchase that gives you enhanced access called LIVE Control Panel

  • Screen shot updates every 90 seconds
  • Send SMS commands to the target phone
  • Activate surveillance of the surroundings
  • Tell the target phone to send logs to your email address
  • Get the target phone’s location instantly
  • Lock the target phone and sound its alarm
  • Invoke calls or SMS messages

LIVE Control Panel is well worth the nominal investment. You will see why in the next scenario.

monitor and track your child's iphone

A Scenario

Are you still not sure if you need Mobile Spy for iPhone? You might be thinking that you have no employees with company-issued phones and all of your children are grown up and out of the house. But consider this scenario:

Let’s say your job requires you to be out of the office frequently and you depend on your iPhone to store some business documents, contacts, and check your email. You need the phone to do your job. Then one day, it drops out of your pocket while in a taxi and you are unaware of it until much later.

If you have Mobile Spy on the phone and have purchased the optional LIVE Control Panel component then the only problem you have at the moment is finding a computer with web access.

From the LIVE Control Panel, you can first of all lock your phone and activate a siren on it. This could be an annoyance to someone stealing your phone or it could by some remote chance prompt someone to return it to you.

Since you locked the phone, you can now retrieve all of the SMS messages, call history, and contacts to your email address which will not only give you the information you need but be useful for when you replace the phone. Finally, you can remove Mobile Spy from the target phone and wipe off all of its other data and files from the control panel.


Installation of Mobile Spy on the target iPhone and configuration of the control panel is straightforward and involves:

  1. Jailbreaking your iPhone
  2. Registering as a Mobile Spy subscriber
  3. Downloading and installing the app on the target phone
  4. Configuring all relevant settings


What is this jailbreaking? Jailbreaking is a process that applies to iPhones and iPads and simply refers to a process that allows the Mobile Spy app to run silently in what is referred to as the background. The instruction manual gives some sources for getting help with jailbreaking but this task is left to the subscriber to complete first.

Leverage the Information

Make the optimum use of all of the information gathering features available to you with Mobile Spy for iPhone. From the control panel, you can see calls to and from the phone, SMS messages, locations where the target phone has been, web browser activity, emails, photos and videos taken, plus more. Protect the investment you made in the world’s most popular mobile phone, the iPhone. Get Mobile Spy for iPhone today.