Mobile Spy v6.5: All the Best New Features

Users of Mobile Spy cell phone monitoring software will be pleased to learn about the v6.5 update to the company’s already-powerful product. It adds new monitoring features plus takes advantage of a smartphone’s microphone and camera so that you can get even more facts about the truth.

Mobile Spy v6.5

Who Benefits from Mobile Spy v6.5?

Current users of Mobile Spy benefit even more by upgrading to v6.5. Some of the new benefits for users include:

  • Parents needing alert notifications
  • Employers wanting to know what their employees are doing away from the office by using the geofencing capability
  • Spouses who want to find out with whom their cheating partner is having an affair through contact notifications

Parents use the Mobile Spy cell phone tracker to know the truth about the activities of their kids. With alert notifications, parents get a message on their smartphones when certain trigger events occur such as words used in text message exchanges.

Employers issue smartphones to their employees and want to know that these devices are being used within the parameters of company policy. Thus, they install the Mobile Spy app on the company-issued smartphones. With the v6.5 upgrade, employers can find out more when their employees are away from the office and carrying their company smartphone.

Why Upgrade?

There are a few reasons to upgrade to new v6.5 cell phone spy app from Mobile Spy. The main reasons include:

  • Take advantage of the latest in Mobile Spy technology
  • Utilize the full range of alerts
  • Have more resources available to recover a lost or stolen smartphone
  • Utilize more of the smartphone’s features

With the stealth photo and surrounding sound listening features available with v6.5, users get added real-time monitoring tools that can be useful for when a smartphone goes missing due to loss, theft, or just misplacement. Read about the features below and find out more.

New Features Provided by the Update

Now for a look at the new features provided by the Mobile Spy v6.5 update. There are several new features such as:

Contact alerts – The subscriber can configure certain numbers that will trigger an alert when a call on the monitored smartphone is received or initiated with one of them.

Intrusion alerts – When someone picks up the smartphone running Mobile Spy and cannot get past the locked screen because of a wrong PIN, an alert message is sent.

Profanity alerts – Useful for parents who want to know if their child is using profanity in text messages.

Custom alerts – Like profanity alerts, the subscriber receives notification when certain words are used in text messages. These could be words related to activities that would cause concern such as teenagers trying to buy alcohol or drugs.

Geofencing capability – Both employers and parents will love this feature because it allows them to define geographical boundaries so that when the monitored device moves outside of them an alert is sent to the subscriber. Geofencing is useful for keeping employees within authorized areas and raising an alert if a child goes somewhere that is restricted.

Stealth photo capability – This feature uses the monitored device’s camera to take a photo of its surroundings via a remote command from the subscriber. A stealth photo can add the missing details when it is difficult to determine just what the monitored user is up to.

Capability to listen to surrounding sounds – Like the stealth photo, this feature also helps complete the picture as to the activities of the monitored smartphone user. Listening to the surrounding sounds can tell you such things like your teenager at a party he not supposed to be at.

mobile spy screenThese new features are in addition to the already extensive list of tools that you get with Mobile Spy. Thus, you still get tools for tracking voice calls, logging SMS, email, and instant messenger (IM) texts, pinpointing and historical logging of the device’s GPS locations, remote control administrator commands, and more.

Upgrading to v6.5

Upgrading to Mobile Spy v6.5 is simple as always. You just need to do the following:

  1. Check phone compatibility
  2. Get control of the smartphone to upgrade
  3. Remove the old Mobile Spy software
  4. Download and install the v6.5 upgrade

By upgrading your cell phone spy to Mobile Spy v6.5, you get the benefit of the latest in smartphone monitoring. You also get a more detailed picture of the truth when it comes monitoring the activities of your children, employees, and wandering spouse through the smartphone they carry that runs Mobile Spy.

Stay up-to-date and upgrade to v6.5 at your first chance.