What is Mobile Spy and How It Is Used?

Mobile Spy is a cell phone spy app that is built for the future. It is full of features for remote tracking of the activities and communications on a target cell phone while operating completely stealth. This app is available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, and Windows Mobile smartphones. Here are a few of the uses and features provided by this powerful app.


The main reasons why people buy Mobile Spy is because they suspect that someone they are responsible for is using their cell phone as a tool to hide their activities. Thus, they buy Mobile Spy to:

  • Learn what their teenager is up to when away
  • Discover a dishonest employee
  • Catch a cheating spouse or girlfriend
  • Enforce the rules

Teenagers like their independence but sometimes they use their cell phones to fool their parents as to their location and to whom they are communicating with. Mobile Spy provides all of the features necessary to get the information for you as a parent.

You can also determine if there are any employees under your charge who are engaged in dishonest activities within your company. You can install the Mobile Spy app on cell phones provided to them by your company.

The same applies in the case of a spouse or girlfriend. Some of the features such as the ability to record surroundings and take pictures unbeknownst to the cell phone user are priceless.

Basic Features

These are just some of the features that are provided by the Mobile Spy cell phone tracking app:

  • Call monitoring
  • Live Control Panel
  • View files and photos on the target phone
  • GPS tracking
  • Track web browsing history
  • Send commands
  • View messaging app logs, calendar, and emails
  • Robust set of alerts

The total app is actually two parts: the resident app on the tracked cell phone and the Live Control Panel. A subscriber downloads the app to the target cell phone and monitors it remotely from the control panel software running on a desktop computer.

To maintain the aura of stealth, the subscriber loads the app on the target phone at some time when it is not in the user’s hands.

Advanced Features

There are a few advanced features that make this product a must-have for effective cell phone tracking. These are:

  • Record surroundings
  • Secret spy photos
  • Application blocking
  • Remote uninstall

You can activate recording of surrounding sounds and take pictures of the environment without detection by the target cell phone user.

With application blocking, you can not only restrict access to apps on the target phone but also prevent some settings from being changed. This is useful for guarding your teenager from using and downloading certain inappropriate apps.

Remote uninstall is especially handy when you want to remove the spy app from the target phone undetected. You do this by just entering a simple command from the control panel.


Mobile Spy is completely stealth and undetectable. It does not use Bluetooth like some other companies do. With Bluetooth, the person holding the target cell phone would have to accept the connection. This would immediately trigger suspicion.

You have every interest in making sure that a cell phone is not used against you. Subscribe to Mobile Spy and get a cell phone spy app that truly operates in stealth mode and can give you the alerts that you need so that you can respond to them.