What is Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel?

Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel

One of the perks that makes Mobile Spy a leader in the cell phone spy software industry is what they call the LIVE Control Panel. Its LIVE Control Panel adds real-time spy capability to the basic package and it gives you even more ability to get to the truth about the activities of someone you love or are responsible for.

Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel Features

The Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel, which is an add-on to its basic cell phone tracking software, provides these features:

  • Get current GPS location
  • View the screen of the monitored device
  • Take of photo of or listen to surroundings
  • Be proactive if smartphone is lost or stolen

As mentioned previously, the features add real-time tools to the basic package. The basic package is powerful enough and when you purchase the LIVE Control Panel add-on there really isn’t anything that you cannot do with this phone spy software.

Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel Demo

Reasons to Need Real-Time Tracking

There are just times when you need to find out what is happening at the moment. Some of these reasons include:

  • When a loved one is lost and cannot find her way back
  • You need to know where an employee is at any given moment
  • Was your child lying to you about his location?
  • You suddenly have no idea where the monitored smartphone is
  • You are suspicious as to what your child is doing with his time for homework
  • You want to hear the romantic conversation of a cheating spouse while it is happening

The Mobile Spy LIVE Control panel gives you all the tools on top of the company’s basic product that you need for dealing with these situations and more.

Getting GPS Location at the Moment

The basic Mobile Spy cell phone tracking software provides GPS tracking on a historical basis. This means that it sends the location of the monitored device at a preset interval. Thus, there could lag time between the last update and the current location.

With the LIVE Control Panel, you can get the current GPS location of the monitored device.

A good example where up-to-the-moment GPS location could be useful is when you have a loved one who is in a strange neighborhood and is lost. You can guide your loved one back while getting real-time updates as to her current location.

Viewing the Monitored Device’s Screen

Why would you want to look at the monitored smartphone’s screen? It is simply because the user might be using a chat app not supported by the Mobile Spy app. Apps such as LINE and Viber are good examples. These are internet chat apps, but the cell phone spyware offered by Mobile Spy currently does not have hooks into them.

When you have a clear view of the monitored cell phone’s screen, it doesn’t matter what app they are in because you will be able to see it live.

Getting an Idea of the Device’s Surroundings

When you have a cheating spouse, he might be smart enough to delete call logs and text messages, but with the LIVE Control Panel you can get around this.

When your spouse is away for an extended time period, you can simply go to your LIVE Control Panel and activate listening to the surroundings around his smartphone. Thus, you can pick up all of the romantic conversation that he is having with the other person.

Then, if you need more evidence as to your spouse’s cheating, you can initiate a stealth photo taken from his device. He will never know until you confront him with the truth.

Take Action if the Monitored Phone Goes Missing

Your child tells you that she lost her smartphone. It is no problem with the Mobile Spy LIVE control panel.

First of all, with the LIVE Control Panel, you can find out the current location of the monitored device. This is helpful in the event that the smartphone is only lost in your home.

In the event that the monitored device is stolen, the perpetrator will more than likely change the SIM card. However, it is no problem with the Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel because it will report this event to you and then you will have the new number to call.

Sometimes, a person may have just picked up the lost device and a simple call to it might get it returned. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. However with SIM card change notification you can at least try to call.

If it seems like there is no hope of recovery regarding the missing device, with the LIVE Control Panel, you can issue a command to lock the device, wipe its contents clean, and remove the Mobile Spy app. This way if you cannot use it then no one else can either.

There is really no other cell phone spy program on the market that can match the LIVE Control Panel offered by Mobile Spy. You’ve seen the value it adds to the basic cell phone spy product. Read our Mobile Spy review and order your 12-month subscription with LIVE Control Panel today.