How to Find Your Lost Phone

Losing a phone is one of the worst things that can happen to a person these days. Everything from our personal details to pretty much all of our social life is saved onto our phones. This is why people do anything they can to find their missing phone. If you often find yourself asking “How can I find my phone?” you might want to continue reading.

What Happened to the Phone?

The first thing to do is try and figure out what actually happened to your phone. Did you lose it in the cab? Did someone pick it from your pocket while you were dancing in the club? Did you just misplace it in your living room? Once you have an idea of what could’ve happened to your phone, you have somewhere to start.

Find My Phone Apps

Find My iPhone

If you’ve had the foresight to install one of these apps on your phone (or your phone isn’t gone yet and you still have time to install one of the recovery apps), then there is a good chance you will be able to find your phone. There is a whole range of apps that can be activated once your phone has been stolen. The features of these apps include the ability to remotely lock your phone, wipe any sensitive data from it, set off an alarm or extract the missing phone’s GPS location. Some apps can be installed AFTER the phone has gone missing and these aim to provide you with your phone’s GPS location.

Report it to the Relevant Authorities

If you are sure your phone has been stolen or you’ve lost it some place where anyone can pick it up and start using it, make sure you inform your service carrier so they can remotely block your SIM card (they can even block the missing phone sometimes). Also make sure you report it to the police as you will need the police report if you are going to claim insurance on your phone.

Have Your Information Ready

Even when you go to the police, you will need to have all the details of your phone. Find out as much as you can about the phone’s model number, product code and IMEI from the phone’s box or any receipt you may have saved from when you bought it. Your cell phone service provider can also give you details like the IMEI number.

Ask Your Service Provider for Help

Cell phone service providers can help you out by getting you the location of your cell phone (if someone is still using it) through your phone’s GPS or through the cell phone tower signals. There are a lot of legal loopholes to jump through before they give you this information but it’s sure worth a try.

If you’ve recently been through the debacle of losing a phone and ended up finding it using a method we haven’t discussed here, help us out by sharing it in the comments section.