How to Remove Mobile Spy From Your Android Phone

To uninstall the Mobile Spy app from the targeted Android smartphone, simply do it manually from the targeted device itself. Follow the steps below to remove Mobile Spy from Android.

Android OS versions 2.2 and above:

Step 1: Go to inside the app of the monitored phone. Then select Settings from the logging list. See the image below.

Uninstall Mobile Spy

Step 2: Tap on Uninstall button. It will ask you to uninstall it or not. Select Yes to uninstall.

Uninstall Mobile Spy App

After tapping on Yes, Mobile Spy will uninstall from the monitored phone successfully!

Android OS versions below 2.2:

1. On the main screen of the Android device, open your main menu and tap on your Settings icon to bring up your Settings Menu. Once the Settings Menu opens, scroll down through the menu and locate the Applications field. Tap it.

locate the Applications field

2. In the Application Settings menu, tap on the Manage Applications field.

Manage Applications

3. In the Manage Applications menu, scroll through the list of applications until you find:

  • Monitoring for Mobile Spy Version 7.0
  • SIM Toolkit for Mobile Spy Version 6.5
  • GPS Settings for Mobile Spy Version 6.0
  • Android Toolkit for Mobile Spy Version 5.0
  • Smartphone for Mobile Spy Version 4.0

Once you have found the appropriate entry, tap it.


4. Now tap the Uninstall button in the Application Info screen to begin the removal process for Mobile Spy.

Uninstall button

5. You will now be prompted to uninstall Mobile Spy from your device. Tap Ok to proceed.

Tap Ok

6. Once this next screen appears, Mobile Spy has been successfully uninstalled from your Android device.

Uninstall finished

Simply tap Ok to complete the process and return to the Application Settings menu. Mobile Spy is now removed from your Android device.