Mobile Spy v6.5: All the Best New Features

Retina-X Studios, developers of world renowned cell phone monitoring software—Mobile Spy, has recently announced the release of their newest update, Mobile Spy version 6.5. This new update version 6.5 will combine all the previous features, while also introducing various other monitoring and surveillance features to assist parents and employers with all their mobile monitoring needs.

Mobile Spy v6.5

Mobile Spy was created specifically for employers and parents who are in need of monitoring the activities of their kids and/or employees who they have given their Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry phone to. Now thanks to the new Mobile Spy version 6.5 update, users can monitor much more with more in depth monitoring features. But before getting into all the new monitoring features and surveillance options, here’s a real quick look at what the Mobile Spy software already brings to the table.

Monitoring Features

  • Text messages
  • Call details
  • GPS locations
  • Photos/Videos
  • Social media
  • Contacts

LIVE Control Panel Features

  • View live screen
  • View live GPS locations
  • Remote lock/unlock
  • Email log delivery
  • Remote uninstall

Along with the plethora of great monitoring features already available, the Mobile Spy v6.5 software update enables users to keep a closer eye (or ear) on the activities taking place on and now surrounding their phone. Below is an outline of some of the new available v6.5 monitoring and surveillance features.

New Mobile Spy Version 6.5 Features

Record Microphone Surrounding: This new stealth surveillance feature allows users to listen to audio clips recorded remotely using the actual microphone on the monitored phone. Just by logging into the Live Control Panel, users can send a stealth remote command to the phone to turn on the microphone and record sound in the immediate surrounding area. From the Control Panel, users can chose how long to record each audio clip and can even download it for later offline reviewing if necessary.

Stealth Camera: This innovative new version 6.5 feature gives users the ability to use the monitored phones camera to view what is taking place in the surrounding area of the phone. Sending a silent stealth command from the Online Control Panel, users can view images from the phone using the front facing camera and also use the rear facing camera as well.

Thanks to the new update, now parents and employers can get an even more in depth look at what activities are taking place on their monitored phone, and can now see and hear what’s taking place around it as well.