Using Mobile Spy GPS Tracking Feature

Mobile Spy GPS TrackingMobile Spy is an advanced monitoring system that allows parents and employers to monitor cell phone usage. This software is packed with lots of innovative features, which help ensure all rules that are set in place are followed.

The GPS Tracking feature provides answers about the cell phone user’s activity when away from home or the office. This feature is only available on smart phone devices, and must have access to the internet to work. Here are just a few ways the Mobile Spy GPS feature can be utilized.

Off Site Working

Being issued a company cell phone is a luxury that many employees abuse. Jobs are hard to come by, and that is why employers want to ensure they have quality workers. This software gives employers the assurance that their employees are at the off site locations, and not taking advantage of company time.

The software can be uploaded to the phone before given to the employee. The company can then track all the locations that the employee travels to during work hours. A detailed log can be obtained from the online software control panel. If there is ever any question about your employees whereabouts, Mobile Spy will get you the answers you need.

Tracking Your Child

Our children are introduced to a world filled with negative aspects that could have lasting consequences. Have you ever wondered if your child is really going where they say they are? It’s so easy to get the answers you need when using Mobile Spy’s GPS tracking feature. You can log into the control panel, and see the exact location of your child on a map.

In the event that a child should come up missing, the GPS feature could serve as a rescue aid. Parents will be able to activate the GPS feature options, and locate where their child is.

Key Points Of GPS Tracking Feature

Here are some options that the GPS feature will provide you with.

Monitor GPS

  • Track Locations: This will record the location that the cell phone user has visited. A detailed log will be supplied, which will include date, time and link to a map that will give the actual street location.
  • Geo-Fencing: This feature will allow employers or parents to place a virtual fence around the approved locations that the user is allowed to go to. When the user goes outside the designated area, the employer or parent will be alarmed that the user has entered an unauthorized area.
  • SMS Commands: This will allow you to send a silent text message to the user’s phone, and you will receive the exact GPS location of the device at that precise moment.

Mobile Spy helps make the user accountable for their actions. This software gives parents the peace of mind that their child is not misbehaving and is safe. Employers can be assured that their employees are in authorized locations during business hours. We live in a high tech world and that is why it is so delightful to see technology used to ensure safety.